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Super Lawyers Transportation/Maritime Articles

How to Resolve a Rail Freight Rate Dispute

When adjustments are allowed and not in a railroad pricing contract

How to Defend an FMCSR Violation After a Trucking Accident

Proving compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations in Georgia

What are Arrest and Attachment Proceedings?

How the laws work in Maryland admiralty and maritime cases

Who Is Responsible in a Commercial Trucking Accident?

How liability is decided in Ohio if property damage or a physical injury takes place

Cruise Lawsuit Raises Liability Question

Miami attorney Keith Brais says cruise operators should be responsible for employees’ actions

Am I Subject to Maritime Laws When I'm Injured on My Cruise?

The statutes that come into play when you’re vacationing at sea

Maritime Laws When Workers Are Injured Aboard a Vessel

A Louisiana attorney’s legal advice for those who work on vessels

An Overview on Admiralty and Maritime Law

Common scenarios that involve offenses on navigable waters

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