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Is It Illegal To Hire an Employee Under False Pretenses or Promises?

Legal options if your employer hired you under false promises

Can Your Boss Force You to Work While Sick?

Understanding your rights as an employee when you get sick

Can You Sue Your Employer for Slander and Defamation?

Understand your legal rights if your employer has defamed you

Is It Legal to Install Cameras in the Workplace for Surveillance?

Understand when and where cameras are allowed in the workplace 

When Being Treated Differently Crosses a Legal Line

Workplace discrimination law basics in Indiana

How to Fight Discrimination or Retaliation

What you need for a lawsuit, according to Illinois employment attorneys

Proving Workplace Discrimination in Missouri is Tougher Than it Used to Be

How a change in wording has impacted employment law 

What to Do If You're Targeted by Discrimination at Work

What workplace discrimination looks like in Massachusetts law

The Washington Cares Act: How Will It Work for Me?

Seattle attorney Tamara Roe offers a primer on the state’s new long-term care plan

Q-Plus Employees in the Workplace

How can Illinois employers be more inclusive?

When is Workplace Speech Protected and When Isn't It?

NYC lawyers speak out on speaking out

Vaccines and the Workplace

Can Maryland employers mandate the COVID-19 vaccine?

Do Legal Issues Outweigh the Perks of Rideshare Driving?

Navigating the road to riches in Florida

COVID Employment Questions Answered

A Minnesota employment lawyer weighs in on worker concerns

What's Protected Speech at Your Workplace?

Lesson one: Don’t make your complaints on Facebook or Twitter

Can My Employer Force Me to Work During 'Shelter-in-Place'?

The law offers some potential protection, but there’s no easy answer

How Does Working From Home Impact My Rights?

Even during the COVID-19 outbreak, employers must still provide reasonable accommodations

Age Discrimination is Rampant, Difficult to Prove

New York employment attorneys explain age discrimination

The Legal Concerns of Working Remotely

Data security, injury, insurance, taxes, and legal issues

Is My Noncompete Preventing Me From Accepting a Job?

Determining the enforceability of your noncompete agreement in New Jersey

When and How to Make an Age Discrimination Claim

What to do when you're discriminated against in a Florida workplace

What to Do When Facing a Workplace Violation

Fighting discrimination, retaliation and harassment in New York

No Country for Old Workers

Almost two-thirds of older workers have reported experiencing age discrimination

What Are Employees? Rights Under the Family and Medical Leave Act?

Florida workers should know the FMLA’s significant benefits

How Safe Are You From Being Fired on FMLA Leave?

The maternity and paternity laws at play in New York

Accommodations for Breastfeeding Under the PDA

Post-pregnancy worker rights in Georgia

Are Lactating Employees Afforded Special Accommodations?

Breastfeeding Discrimination Liability in Florida

Employees Can Be Told What to Wear in Georgia

Boss can dictate no-skirt policy for safety reasons

Suing for Pregnancy Discrimination in Georgia

Losing your job due to pregnancy is not allowed, and complications must be accommodated

Can My Boss Fire Me for Being Pregnant?

The legal protections for pregnant employees in Minnesota

Where Are You Safe from Workplace Monitoring?

Where Colorado employment law stands on Big Brother and privacy

Five Things to Look Out for in a Non-Disclosure Agreement

What to be wary of when a Maryland employer hands it to you

Can You Take Your Paycheck in Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin has some present-day legal uncertainties

Employer Requirements Regarding Reasonable Accommodation

Individuals with disabilities have the right to accommodations in the workplace

Drug Screening in the Era of Legalized Marijuana

Can my employer fire me for legal activities while not at work?

Employment Discrimination Based on Criminal History

The legal protections relating to background checks in Massachusetts

Mind the Gender Pay Gap

Winning an equal pay discrimination suit against an employer is more possible than ever before

What to Consider with a Potential Age Discrimination Case

It’s increasing but hard to prove in NYC

Can My Employer Say Bad Things About Me?

Job references and the law in Pennsylvania

Signed, Sealed, Disputed: Noncompetes

How to resolve your noncompete agreement disputes in Massachusetts

Leave, Lose, and Law

Your rights when you quit or are fired from work in Ohio

Taking a Knee on the Job

Can your boss limit what you say while on the clock?

Full Disclosure on NDAs

Three New York employment lawyers walk you through the basics

What Is Considered Reasonable Accommodation in Massachusetts?

Federal and state employment rights for individuals with disabilities

The Risks of Being a Rideshare Driver in NYC

It's uber-complicated, so be sure you're informed

Connecticut's Right to Paid Sick Leave

State laws also dictate the right to unpaid leave

Suing for Retaliation, If You Whistleblow While You Work

The process of a workplace retaliation lawsuit in Louisiana

An Overview on Employment Law

What employees should expect of their employers

Your Rights Under the California Fair Pay Act

What the law means for employees and employers

Gender Discrimination in the Securities Industry

How New York employment attorneys deal with such suits

Getting Fired for Blabbing on Your Blog

New York attorneys' advice when you get dooced

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